Nelly - Dilemma by BigDawg1

    Just put this together, taste of things to come….#wereworking
    #DreamsHeartbreakCanBuy #UnsignedArtist

    @Miss_MadiRadi #GoodAccidents

    Would ya let me?

    No lighter…Fuck Dat im from NY you shoulda known i was one of them McGuver niggas B. #STU #GETHiGHER

    Zona Feat. A.C. GHETTO SYM

    We ripped the bishhh

    Who told you i Ever gave a fuck what you thought?

    How y’all got me feelin

    Asap Rocky

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    Zona and Donodeezy done did it again man.. if your wandering what movie clip is in the intro, it’s from Pulp Fiction.

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